Is alcohol a hallucinogen?

Understanding the Different Types of Drugs

As one may have learned in psychology or any other health class, there are four main types of intoxicating drugs. There are stimulants, depressants, narcotics, and hallucinogens. They all have the ability to alter one’s mental state once enough chemicals are consumed. Stimulants and depressants are core opposites. Stimulants are drugs that raise the activity level of one’s physiological or nervous system while depressants lower the activity. Narcotics are pain reliever drugs that derive from opium. The last type is the hallucinogens. These drugs alter one’s perception; hence, their ability to create hallucinations in the brain. 

Is Alcohol a Hallucinogen?

While many people may answer this incorrectly, alcohol is not a hallucinogen. Alcohol does not typically cause any severe mind altercations that cause a person to hallucinate. Instead, this drug can slow a person down by sedating the nervous system. If one consumes too much alcohol, they may face the risk of respiratory arrest or fatality. Only at high rates of consumption does alcohol cause hallucinations. These hallucinations are products of what experts call alcohol-induced psychotic disorder (AIPD). Hallucinations are not the only symptoms of this disorder. Persistent thinking and delusions also occur at this point. This kind of psychosis is secondary because a drug, an outside factor, causes it. While the alcohol-induced psychotic disorder is rare, psychosis is more common. There are many ways to force a complicated “yes” to the question, “Is alcohol a hallucinogen?” However, alcohol is a depressant, not a hallucinogen. 

How to Help Someone Struggling with Alcoholism

It can be challenging to deal with a friend or family member that struggles with alcoholism. The first place to start is to get educated. Knowing what the types of drugs are is helpful because one can share their knowledge with others. Having this knowledge will guide others in the right direction of recovery. Understanding the impact of each drug will prevent loved ones from taking a considerable risk. It will also educate them on what signs to watch out for when encountering someone who struggles with drugs. 

Once one is aware of the kind of drug their loved one is partaking in, they can educate them on the long term effects. Every drug has long term effects, and it is essential that those who struggle to get the proper care. Many people struggling with drugs participate in rehabilitation services and also doctor visits to treat their illness. While many people are not aware, drug abuse is an illness. For example, someone who consistently drinks alcohol to the point of intoxication may suffer from alcoholism. It is an addiction and isn’t something easy to overcome alone. One must support their family and friends that suffer from any form of drug abuse. 

Knowledge is power

After reading this article, one should feel comfortable identifying the various types of drugs. It is essential to share this knowledge with others to promote good health and provide a healthy relationship with drugs. Knowledge is power, and the best gift one can provide to their loved ones is the gift of proper health education.

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